Create an integrated platform gathering the Plastic, Paper, printing and Packaging key players.
Generate quality new business leads and Conclude further cooperation agreements.
Expand business contacts and Consolidate existing relationship with potential clients and partners
Meet top level decision makers and buyers from Egypt.
Offer high prospects for regional enterprises to integrate further into the global economy.
Get in touch with market leaders seeking technological upgrade in the rapidly emerging markets of Egypt.
Capture and Expand your market share in EGYPT.
Share best experiences &practices and Exchange of innovative ideas.
Demonstrate the new and the familiar products and services.



Offset Printing Plates

Printing Cylinders

Printing Auxiliary

Printing Supplies Agencies

Metal Laser Engraving

Laser Die Cutting

Used Press (Imported)

Printing Software

Printing Services

Self-Adhesive Tapes & Materials

International Printing Equipment


Pre-Owned Printing Equipment


Graphic Art Suppliers

Printing Plates & Films

Offset Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Outdoor Digital Printing

Flexible & Non Flexible Packaging

Printing & Materials

Corrugated Carton

Tinplate Printing

Souvenir Wrapping Paper


Carbonless Paper

Coated Art Paper & Board

Converted Papers

Craft Paper

Packaging Paper

Photo Paper

Recycled Paper

Coated Art Paper & Board

Uncoated Paper

Waste Paper

Wrapping Paper

Adhesives and Other Paper


Functional Paper Chemicals

Paper Process Chemicals

Pollution Control Equipment


Automatic Packing Line / Conveyors

Bagging/ Sealing & Strapping

Packaging Materials & Supplies

Bloom Stamping & Baling

Bottle Filling

Capping & Over-Capping

Cartooning Technology

Filling/ Conveying/ Dosing

Packaging Machines

Packaging Devices

Packaging Appliances

Packaging Materials

Packaging Aids

Packaging Services


Raw Materials, Polymers, Resins & Components

Machinery & Equipment for Plastics & Rubber industries

Agriculture and Irrigation Necessities

Sanitary-ware, Pipes & Hoses

Feeding Industries & Engineering Plastics

Household Products

Packaging & Containers

Film Applications

Flexible Packagingr


Recycling Machinery

Ancillary Equipment

Thermo Plastics


Plastic Machinery Parts & Components

Plastic Recycling Technologiest

Plastic Filtering Systems

Plastic Blow Moulds

Pet Bottle Moulds

Injection Moulds

Plastic Products

Silicon Beach New Tech